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  • Alarm lock, 3-dial combination, 24" steel cable
    A retractable 2 ft (60cm) steel cable with a 3-dial combination lock and 2 alarm settings. Retractable steel cable extends up to 24" 3-dial combination lock Loud 100 dB alarm with 2 setting options (Alarm & Motion) Flashing LED - warns potential thieves to stay away Includes l..
  • Molewatch
    Molewatch Made in the UK Molewatch is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of unsightly mole hills. Molewatch is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of unsightly mole hills. It will begin to clear the..
  • Pest Controller
    Pest Controller Made in the UK Pest Controller emits a 40,000 to 42,000 Hz ultrasonic signal every 8 seconds to protect an area approx. 2500 sq.ft., unobstructed. Pest Controller is totally safe. Pets, and other wildlife remain totally unaffected. Pest Controller is animal or mouse deter..
  • CatFree - Ultrasonic cat deterrent, 9v battery operated
    Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent  Made in the UK Catfree - a compact & powerful ultrasonic Cat Deterrent for your garden. Protects garden birds, wildlife, fish ponds, flower beds & lawns in an area of 88 sq m. Manufactured in the UK & comes with a 2 year warranty. Power supply is..
  • Pestfree
      The ultrasonic pest management system that will keep your garden clear Made in the UK   Inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. Deters pests. Banish cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits and martens from protected area. A compact, stylish and powerful pest deterrent for ..
  • CATWatch - Ultrasonic cat deterrent (RSPB approved)
    the RSPB approved ultrasonic cat deterrent to keep cats away from the garden Made in the UK CATwatch actually trains even the most persistent feline visitor to stay out of your garden for good, that's what makes CATwatch different. Tested and approved by the RSPB, following a two year field tri..
  • FoxWatch
    The ultrasonic pest scarer that keeps foxes away from the garden.Discounts Apply ! Made in the UK Foxwatch is one of the most successful fox deterrent ever invented. And the reason is simple. It only uses the principles of animal behavioural response patterns to communicate the clear message or ..
  • Pond-Jet
    Thanks to the Pond-Jet floating fountain pump, decorative water displays can easily and quickly be achieved without any complex installation. Neither the depth of the water, nor a pond base that is very dirty or difficult to access are of significance here. Perfect for use at short notice. Produc..